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This is the first 101 e-mail, outbox filled with my thoughts to you has been unable to load, but I do not delete them, I will re-apply for a mailbox until you reply.

I am on the line, you're offline, I leave you to wait, we still do not how long the connection can never separate!

Because we are beginning to make your life a happy decision that day, I decided one day I will marry you ... ...

Lord ah! Please accept my sincere apologies! If you can make up for the hurt, I would like to use my life to compensate!

You gently come, like a breeze Fu Guo Lu grass, and you gently away, it seems that the clouds across the treetops.

I love you, this sentence I will be in their hearts every day meditation 100, no, 1000, it is not enough, numerous times ... ...

Now I have to give you send short messages in! I am very glad my wife! I am well bored!好想with you!

Surging rain pouring down, umbrellas single solitary person lean side door. "Seeking" at a thousand miles muddy road, only for the Yuk House, Pink lady.

Not as good as you for granting me this opportunity, your boyfriend, I am concerned about the Ni, Ni take care of you? I mean seriously!

I was read my mother's dying ... ... I'd rather marry you do not read the half to death by her demand you help me ... ... ... ...

You go left, do not in the back! Life, there would have been spring autumn, lost you I is not nothing!

A cup of hot tea chest that I can warm a good book can make my eyes moist, but allow me to Heart of only you.

My silent prayer in his heart: "God bless you, your other, he could like me, like you, love you."

Mortal world abounds with people all have, I can not escape convention ah? I beg you, see the side bar, to you choose, money, I dig!

How many times has vowed not want you, they stir up the wind wisp full of thoughts, but out of the pen: 10000思念.

You like a glass of wine, it seems attractive, alluring smell, drink up and a bit spicy, sweet aftertaste kinda up.

Yi Keke stars in the sky, the water is only one fish, both lovers of figure 1, why did you I was a month?

If you are sad, please tell me, I'll help you take! If you are happy, you will be infected with me!

Even if the whole world laugh at me, love Who can say the wrong person, even if the world's fault, me, and I as long as you follow me!

Because I care about you too care about you too啦, every move you make me worried. So I asked more.

Although I stained with thorns, but it bears flowers of a beautiful flower ... ... thorn left to themselves, flower dedicated to your beloved.

Huazipiaoling water, artesian, an Acacia 2 Xianchou. No account of this situation can be removed only under the brow, but our hearts.

Among the sea of faces and found you, everything has become sentient interested in, from this heart, it found the United States, found Chiai to depend on.

Bing Gu night lights, great care, bother hurt thinking, hard flick of passion, winding SMS. Well, are your victims!

His wife, are you up? I am now好想你! The pro-look bar! Bo ~~~~~ feel it?








风起云涌雨倾盆,孤伞独人倚旁门。 《觅》不惜千里泥泞路,只为玉楼粉佳人。



















  • 2010年春晚节目单
  • 主持人:
  • 朱军 张泽群 任鲁豫
  • 周涛 董卿 欧阳夏丹
  • 1.开场歌舞《虎跃龙腾报春来》 主持人
  • 2.相声《和谁说相声》 姜昆 戴志诚 赵津生
  • 主持人串联 周涛 朱军
  • 3.歌曲《让我们舞起来》 宋祖英
  • 主持人串联 任鲁豫 欧阳夏丹
  • 4.舞蹈《玩具店之夜》
  • 主持人串联 董卿 张泽群
  • 5.小品《一句话的事儿》 郭冬临 牛莉等(3演员)
  • 第一次互动 周涛(观众席互动)
  • 6.歌曲《龙文》 谭晶 陈奕迅
  • 【拜年榜】 任鲁豫 欧阳夏丹
  • 7.歌曲《相亲相爱》 容祖儿 孙楠等(4演员)
  • 8.相声剧《不能让他走》 冯巩 闫学晶 韩雪等(5演员)
  • 第二次互动 周涛 5位小演员
  • 9.舞、武《对弈》 王亚彬等(110名演员)
  • 10.歌曲《传奇》 王菲