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Any hasty passage of time, he served as time has passed turn, we'll never change is my deep and difficult to resolve your thoughts!

Love you, love you, I love you, just like Mice Love Rice. I do not hit you or curse you, I torture you with messages!

The feeling of happiness so elusive. Grip in the palm of the hand do not think it is; an opening hand, they could not bear.

Dear! I am lonely waiting for you, return phone calls on behalf of "still love you" does not return phone calls I have to wait for you.

Passed Qianshan, rows of thousands of water. Has been firmly believe that: You will always be at my side, as the rising and sunset, full moon month absence!

The boundless sea, and you've known, so that my life is full of sunshine. I would like to bring the stars of heaven for your good wishes!

During the day, have your beautiful shadows among the crowd; night dreams have your sweet smile. Acquaintance you are the pride of my life!

Really, I think you! Just as she was hungry and want to eat, sleepy and want to sleep, tired like metamorphosis, crazy Xiangtiao Lou! ! :)

Pick up the phone countless times, countless times a waste of my phone cards. Why does every time I call? Because I love you.

One day not seeing, such as every other San-Qiu, my dear, good-bye, you still love me, then think of you grow old because the face do?

Day, night, hope the phone rang, afraid of the phone rang, I hope you call me, afraid of Wang Dan's light is not your voice.

Wheel of time can not erase the thoughts I have for you, even if Haikushilan, your shadow forever in my heart.

Like you, is an excellent wound beauty and sweet melancholy. Heart, but now is a warm and nothing can not be replaced.

Huazipiaoling, water, artesian; a kind of Acacia, 2 Xianchou. Do not know the distance you are miss you I miss.

The days without you is not blue! Without your flowers yan! Without your rice is not fragrant! Do not sleep without your sweet! I very much you!

No matter how far you and I separated, our feelings will not be like a broken line, there will always be linked together.

In the spring day, Rourou breeze, quietly pass me on your thoughts. Look forward to your call!

What are you doing? I think you! Really want to become a small insect, drill into your ears do not bother to see you still bother me.

If my Acacia really into many hearts of the red beans, then I love, I have already woven into your red bean's clothing and shoes.

Days of thinking of you and remembered the night you dream around you, eyes looking at you, holding your hands, and my heart loves you!

Take care dear body, I want to know the distance at the moment misses you, love I'll take good care of your own!

Of your thoughts like a curl of mist hanging by a thread, and for your blessing is the babble of the stream with whole life!

Every night a man was lying quietly in bed, was my happiest day, because you can miss you.

If I make you angry, wayward, then I'm sorry. If you still refuse to forgive, then Why Why do you love to go.

We are not a problem in itself bring about the contradiction, but we have different views on these issues arise.



























  • 2010年春晚节目单
  • 主持人:
  • 朱军 张泽群 任鲁豫
  • 周涛 董卿 欧阳夏丹
  • 1.开场歌舞《虎跃龙腾报春来》 主持人
  • 2.相声《和谁说相声》 姜昆 戴志诚 赵津生
  • 主持人串联 周涛 朱军
  • 3.歌曲《让我们舞起来》 宋祖英
  • 主持人串联 任鲁豫 欧阳夏丹
  • 4.舞蹈《玩具店之夜》
  • 主持人串联 董卿 张泽群
  • 5.小品《一句话的事儿》 郭冬临 牛莉等(3演员)
  • 第一次互动 周涛(观众席互动)
  • 6.歌曲《龙文》 谭晶 陈奕迅
  • 【拜年榜】 任鲁豫 欧阳夏丹
  • 7.歌曲《相亲相爱》 容祖儿 孙楠等(4演员)
  • 8.相声剧《不能让他走》 冯巩 闫学晶 韩雪等(5演员)
  • 第二次互动 周涛 5位小演员
  • 9.舞、武《对弈》 王亚彬等(110名演员)
  • 10.歌曲《传奇》 王菲